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MASES-Crew pool

MASES has a professional crew pool composed by over 7,000 qualified seafarers, out of which 65% are officers who graduated form reputed maritime universities and academies.
From 1987, MASES started recruiting graduates, and in recent years, MASES recruited more than 500 maritime graduates every year from reputed universities and academies in china. The fresh cadets we recruited are subject to strict physical examination, and they are willing to be a seafarer and work long term with overseas ship owners. Good spoken and written English and comprehensive qualification is a must for all candidates. All the officers have been brought up after experiencing strict cadetship training on board our customers' vessels trading world widely. And MASES also has been recruiting qualified seafarers from market, proposing to our customers.

Both the officers brought up from our cadets and the experienced seafarers recruited from market are important parts of our existing crew pool.
Our seafarers are serving on all types of vessels with worldwide trading route and various tonnages, including general cargo/bulk carrier ,container, liner, LNG, LPG, chemical, VLCC,VLOC, RO/RO, barge, passenger ship, etc. MASES has been qualifying the seamen compliance certificate issued by Norwegian Classification Society. Currently, MASES manned full-set crew for over 200 vessels, half-set crew for over 30 vessels. Others are individually dispatched.
Our seafarers, with disciplined management and mixed-crew working experience, received international standard training. Their English communication skill, navigation knowledge, and comprehensive qualification have all been well exercised and trained. The outstanding qualification of MASES crew guarantees the excellent service for our customers globally.

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