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Shipboard operations directly impact the safety of life and property at sea, involving huge economic and environmental interests. MASES realizes that the continuous updation of the professional training for seafarers is the essential to the improvement of their shipboard skills and to keep pace with requirements of international maritime community which in turn involves the comprehension of maritime and other regulations and the management system implemented by the ship-owners. This also enhances their competitiveness within the crew pool.
MASES had set up seafarer's training centers in major cites of China, such as shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, etc, where we can organize training in compliance with STCW95 to meet the requirements for application, update and upgrade of seafarer's certificates. Meanwhile, MASES could also arrange other training in conformity with customers' requirements, such as BRM, ERM, ECDIS, in-house training, seminar, proficiency in maritime English, etc.
In recent years, MASES has been making a considerable investment. Every February or March, MASES gathered all fresh graduates together, and carried out 1-2 months intensive training by foreign experienced Captain, Chief engineer, English teacher. We impart training in English communication, ship's safety, operation on board, navigation knowledge, etc. Meanwhile, we also invite our customers to conduct a formal interview and select the deserving cadets.
MASES strictly conforms its the pre-boarding training in accordance with the ISM/ISPS Code and with customer requirements. We apply the SEAGULL software for training and testing seafarers. We also arrange training for BASSNET, and MARLIN English test. We further emphasize on shipboard training for seafarers and constantly urge the TOP-4 officers to carry out the shipboard training in accordance with ship safety management system for the vessel.
MASES adopts an "order and training model", and trains the cadets through a 3-year navigation major from the Wuhan University of technology and the Nantong Navigation College. The English communication and operation skills on board are strengthened during their campus education to meet our customers' requirements.
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